July 31, 2022


Which do you prefer: crisp or cobbler? For me it's definitely crisp... and this Protein Peach Crisp does not disappoint! It has a hearty oat base, juicy peach filling, topped with buttery oat crumble and sugar-free icing. This healthy dessert is also lower in sugar, gluten-free, and easily made vegan! You might also like my Mixed Berry Protein Crisp ;)

Did you know? The fresher and riper the peach, the more antioxidants it contains! Fresh peaches have more antioxidants than canned, but similar levels of vitamins and minerals (if the canned peaches aren't peeled). [source]

Protein Peach Crisp

Protein recommendations

This recipe gets a boost of protein from LIV Body Lean Vegan Protein Powder! I used Frosted Oatmeal Cookie flavor in this recipe and it’s so good with the oats. LIV Body is vegan, dairy-free, and free of artificial ingredients. Their Lean Vegan Protein contains probiotics and organic superfoods, too! You can use my code SARAHWILKINS for free shipping on all LIV Body products (including their skin care!)

If using another brand of protein powder, I would stick with a vegan blend, pea protein, or soy isolate. Casein or a whey-casein blend might work with modifications, but whey isolate or collagen protein are not recommended for this recipe.

Protein Peach Crisp

Choosing the best oats

Oats are often grown in the same soil as wheat and other gluten-containing crops. This is why it’s important to choose certified “gluten-free” oats if you’re sensitive to gluten.

I also would recommend purchasing organic oats because non-organic oats are grown using the chemical pesticide glyphosate (Roundup). Glyphosate use increased from 13.9 million pounds in 1992 to 287 million pounds in 2016 (source). This is alarming because glyphosate is a known endocrine disrupter, may increase cancer risk, and kills off good gut bacteria! Glyphosate is also used as a drying agent to dehydrate oats before processing.

I used old-fashioned rolled oats for this recipe, but quick oats will work too.

Protein Peach Crisp

Sweetener recommendations

For this recipe, I used my favorite organic stevia blend that's calorie-free and twice as sweet as sugar. You can substitute twice as much (three-quarter cup) baking stevia, granulated erythritol, granulated monk fruit, or a granulated sugar. If using stevia extract or drops, please refer to the brand-specific conversion chart.

For a richer flavor, try a brown sugar alternative!

Protein Peach Crisp

Other substitutions

This recipe calls for one egg white, but feel free to substitute one tablespoon of ground flaxseed with two tablespoons of warm water for vegan! You can also sub an equivalent amount of vegan egg replacer.

I combined unsweetened applesauce and vegan buttery spread for a perfectly moist and crisp texture! You could try dairy-free yogurt if you don’t have unsweetened applesauce. The vegan buttery spread can be swapped for unsalted butter, ghee or coconut oil.

Protein Peach Crisp square

Sugar free icing

For the sugar free icing, I used my favorite powdered sweetener with unsweetened almond milk, a little vegan buttery spread, and pure vanilla extract. Here you can also use powdered sugar, another type of milk, or coconut oil/butter in place of the spread.

OR, skip the icing altogether and top with some dairy-free vanilla ice cream!

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