November 23, 2022


I love a good waffle and these Sweet Potato Collagen Protein Waffles did not disappoint! They've got a tender, moist texture thanks to the sweet potato and are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and low in sugar! I love these waffles topped with pomegranate, coconut yogurt, and maple syrup... but they're really a blank canvas for whatever you enjoy :)

Did you know? One cup of sweet potato contains over 200% of your daily requirement for vitamin A (source)! Vitamin A is not just for your eyes - it's also necessary for immune function, cellular communication, male and female reproduction, and growth and development - specifically fetal development of the heart, lungs, eyes, and other organs. 

Sweet Potato Collagen Waffles

How to prep the sweet potatoes

For the sweet potatoes, you can either bake them in the oven at 400 degrees F for 40 minutes, or simply pierce with a fork and microwave unwrapped on the "baked potato" setting. Then, let your potatoes cool, peel off the skin, and toss in the blender! 

Sweet Potato Collagen Waffles

Other wet ingredients

You are also going to need three whole eggs, ghee or coconut oil, and vanilla extract. Feel free to substitute the whole eggs for three-quarters cup of egg whites (six large whites), egg beaters, or a vegan egg substitute. 

I do recommend melting your ghee or coconut oil in the microwave for 30 seconds before adding to the blender.

Sweet Potato Collagen Waffles

Dry ingredients

To add a boost of protein, I used Flavorless LIV Body Marine Collagen. It blends seamlessly into the batter and provides hidden benefits for your joints, skin, and gut health. Use my code "SARAHWILKINS" for free shipping on all LIV Body products!

You're going to need organic rolled oats, either old-fashioned or quick style. Yes, I do specify "organic" because oats are one of the most heavily sprayed crops when it comes to pesticides! While I've attempted these without flour and with coconut flour, neither worked too well. 

This recipe also calls for sweetener, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, baking powder and salt. I used a sugar free brown sugar alternative, but you can use any sweetener that measures 1:1 like sugar. You can also omit the nutmeg and ginger and just use cinnamon if that's all you have! The salt is also optional. 

Sweet Potato Collagen Waffles


I personally topped mysweet potato waffles with pomegranate arils, dairy-free vanilla yogurt, and maple syrup. Feel free to use other fruit, nuts, coconut cream or sugar free pancake syrup if preferred!

Here's the printable recipe for these Sweet Potato Collagen Protein Waffles. I hope you'll rate this recipe and comment below if you try it :)

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