August 28, 2019

S’mores Protein Bars (Vegan)

Say hello to these S’mores Protein Bars that are vegan, low sugar, high protein, and high fiber! The fluffy marshmallows, graham bits and dark chocolate are reminiscent of our favorite campfire treat. Who doesn't love s'mores? Anyway, you need to make these before summer is over. They are some of the best protein bars you'll ever have! They get their protein from pea isolate and almond butter. You might also like my Butter Pecan Protein Bars (Vegan).

Did you know? Almond butter is rich in vitamin E and contains about 26% of your daily needs in a single serving! Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, scavenging "free radicals" that damage your cells (source).

S'mores Protein Bars (Vegan)

Protein powder recommendations

For the protein powder, I used LIV Body Lean Vegan Protein in their new S'mores flavor (how fitting, right?) I love that this protein powder is free of artificial ingredients and has added superfoods and probiotics. It also tastes great - the S'mores is my favorite flavor they've made yet! You can use my code "SARAHWILKINS" for free shipping on all LIV Body orders

Since this recipe is no bake, most protein powders should work. You will just need to adjust the amounts of water and coconut flour to get the right texture. If you don’t have protein powder, you can add coconut flour or oats until you get a thick, pliable dough!

S'mores Protein Bars (Vegan)

Substitutes for coconut flour

I used coconut flour to give these a nice dough texture. I only needed two tablespoons, but you might need more if using collagen or whey protein. You can also substitute twice as much oat flour or quick oats, or three times as much almond flour if you don't have coconut flour. You can also try skipping the water and maybe you won't need it! 

S'mores Protein Bars (Vegan)

Sugar free syrup options

These bars call for sugar free syrup to help them hold together. You can use sugar free pancake syrup, fiber syrup, or even maple syrup or honey (not vegan). If using maple syrup or honey, keep in mind this will increase the calories, carbs, and sugar per bar. 

Some protein powders may not need as much syrup to hold together, but vegan protein tends to need more as it can absorb a lot of water and make things crumbly.

S'mores Protein Bars (Vegan)

Almond butter substitutes

These bars use almond butter for a little added protein, but I realize not everyone can have almond butter or nuts in general. Feel free to use cashew butter, sesame seed butter (tahini), or sunflower butter instead. All of these are neutral in flavor (unlike peanut butter) and will work great!

S'mores Protein Bars (Vegan)

Flavor options

Of course, these bars include gluten-free graham cracker, vegan dark chocolate, and vegan marshmallows. You can totally omit these and create other flavors, like sprinkles for a Birthday Cake version or crumbled sandwich cookies for a Cookies & Cream version! 

Here’s the printable recipe for these vegan S’mores Protein Bars! I hope you’ll rate and comment below if you try them 🙂

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