November 10, 2023

Thai Chicken & Vegetable Coconut Curry

This Thai Chicken & Vegetable Coconut Curry is a scrumptious meal prep idea for all you Thai fans out there! Thai cuisine is one of my favorites, so I was stoked with how authentic this simplified thai chicken coconut curry (“kaeng phet”) came out. It’s definitely a “cheater” recipe in that I used red curry paste instead of dried chilies and all the individual curry spices. But hey, it tastes amazing and comes together easily which is what I was after! I absolutely love this served over fragrant basmati rice. You could also use riced cauliflower for a low-carb version.

Did you know? The ingredients in curry powder have benefits for reducing inflammation, since turmeric is a key ingredient, which contains the compound curcumin, and pepper, which aids absorption of curcumin by up to 2,000% (source).

Thai Chicken Vegetable Coconut Curry

Choosing the best chicken

For this recipe, you can use chicken breasts, chicken thighs, or chicken tenderloins. I used chicken breast, but thighs are juicier with a higher fat content.

I always look for chicken that's "free range" with "no antibiotics." Organic chicken must also have outdoor access, must be given organic feed, and cannot be administered antibiotics. I also buy "animal welfare certified" chicken when I can find it, because it's important to me that animals are treated with care and allowed to live a good life. 

Thai Chicken Vegetable Coconut Curry

Curry sauce ingredients

Two ingredients that are a must when making curry are fresh ginger root and fresh garlic cloves. I would advise against substituting dried spices here, but if you must, use one teaspoon of ground ginger and two teaspoons garlic powder. It won’t taste nearly as fresh or flavorful, but it’ll get the job done!

I used light coconut milk instead of full-fat for less than half the calories and fat. The light coconut milk is also a little sweeter, which I like. That said, if you want an extra creamy curry, use full-fat coconut milk. Do not use unsweetened coconut milk from a carton – it’s not the same thing!

Thai Chicken Vegetable Coconut Curry

To amp up the flavor even more, I seasoned mine with extra curry powder and fish sauce. I also added sugar free brown sugar alternative for just the right amount of sweetness (can sub one teaspoon of regular brown sugar or coconut sugar) and some fresh lime juice for brightness.

Thai Chicken Vegetable Coconut Curry

Thai curry vegetables

There’s a ton of veggies in this Thai Chicken & Vegetable Coconut Curry! I went with bell peppers, carrots and kale, but feel free to throw in any veggies you like. Other popular veggies for curry include bamboo shoots, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, mushrooms, spinach, and sugar snap peas, to name a few. You can’t go wrong! For cooking the chicken and vegetables, I recommend using avocado oil, which is high-heat stable. Not all oils are!

Thai Chicken Curry Meal Prep

Here’s the printable recipe for this Thai Chicken & Vegetable Coconut Curry! By the way, it makes a great meal prep option. I hope you’ll rate and comment below if you try it 🙂

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